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Bob Verburg Consultants BV uses the trading names Verburg Consultants and StratexConsult.

StratexConsult is the division of Verburg Consultants for programmes and projects in the European Union and beyond in which the role in strategic preparation is followed up by a role in the implementation of the project. In keeping with the principles of good governance, StratexConsult aims to come up with an inspiring strategy and ensure excellence in implementation.

When it comes to projects within the current and former territories of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Verburg Consultants works in conjunction with Stichting Willem 4, a foundation based in Curacao. Stichting Willem 4 brings together a range of qualities and seeks to promote cooperation in the areas of strategy and implementation. It initiates financing, encouraging public-private partnerships. Stichting Willem 4 links the achievement of social objectives with implementation programmes that generate a profit by themselves ( www.willem4.nl )

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